What we do  

PADIS is the interface between parents and school.

We take care of parents’ concerns regarding children’s education or problems that might occur.

Also we are supporting our kids with extra funding for projects, learning materials and fun events.

In the last years we have spent money for example for

  • Tablets for the Elementary School
  • Lego Robotic Set for Science
  • 4 chairs for the seating area on the 4th floor
  • Ski-Team sponsorship
  • Parents parties
  • School concerts and art exhibitions
  • MUN Donation
  • Halloween party
  • Lunar (Chinese) New Year
  • Winter spirit day
  • St. Nicolaus Parade
  • Krapfen provided for Karneval/Fasching
  • Sports Day medals and refreshments
  • Food and drink services for events, parties, shows and concerts
  • Middle School Prom
  • Graduation Parties
  • Summer Party